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There will be HUGE changes coming soon..

Including.. a new group.. no worries, you will get a heads up BEFORE I do this…
The new group will be open for 1-2 weeks.. and then there will be a fee to join.
At the end of this period, THIS group will be gone..

In the new group, any and ALL skins, whether mod, or original.. you all will get them free for being in the group.. ;p

Everyone else, will have to pay 150L per skin at the store, after the remake.

Trust me.. it will be fun!

xoxo M

(ps.. this likely will include a new blog, as well!)


Cala, is our newest addition!
Soft curves, mild makeups, pale sunkissed skin…perfect for this coming winter!

Soft Touch - Cala Preview

For a special gift to my VIP group in game..

There will be a special box, just for them!!
Included will be, 4 exclusive makeups.
Both options(pubic), making it 8 skins, in total.
There will also be extra little gifts inside the box..
Want to know what they are?
Guess you will have to join and find out!
The group is now set at 200L to join, which is still 50L cheaper then the original price.
In my group, I send out exclusive shapes.
Not avail in my stores.
And randomly, I also send out other presents.

Coming for the holidays, extra special gifts for my vips.

There is also a subscribo in my mainstore.

Stay tuned for more info!!!

Hey folks, as pre mentioned, I have been working on a new skin..
Now, as I said before, I have been having issues rebuilding everything from scratch due to losing my HD a few weeks ago, and lovingly this new one is having issue.. grrr

ANYWAY, lol As I told you, I used an open source (this time) for the BOD base, (splendor for all those out there asking what I used and a nc will be included in the folder stating this fact.).
(body temp is by splendor.)

The face, however..

Eyes, and mouth, are of MYSELF!

In the past I was a model for 15 yrs. Actress for, well, age 2 – 19.

I had been told that my eyes and mouth were my “best features”… as well as my legs but, I can’t really use those here, and let’s face it, I am 6’3… I don’t want to portray that here, lol.. (my avie is 5’7).
So the eyes, and mouth are me, and the make up is hand painted.

So, here is your PREVIEW, photo..

MissEm Skin - Soft TOuch

AND this is your advertisement!

MissEm Skin Advertisement

(click on images to see it in large)

I named her after MissEm Boa, for her constant support on flickr.

I will name future skins after friends, yes, even the ones that already have had their names used, Em just happens to be on my mind today… *waves to missem*.

So, hugs to all..

I will let you know when the demos are ready!


She is READY… I am just posting her on the walls.

Soft Touch Mainstore

We are heading into a new year, it is coming fast!

My inventory has become overloaded, in a large way, SO, I will be boxing up my skin, starting with the letter A, and sending them to my VIP group, as I delete them FOREVER!~

So, if you know someone that would like some skin, tell them, NOW, is the time to join up.

I will also be dropping the admission price down to 150 (100L off).

I will be also releasing a new skin (not included in this offer)
And I am working on a couple others, in honor of you wow players out there!!!

So, I hope you enjoy!!

BIG changes in the future!!



Posted on: August 27, 2009

I have actually decided to start banning ppl from commenting on my blog.
I find this sad, since I hav been with sl, for 4 yrs now, in grand total.
Alot of you have been with me since my very first avatar, and helped me create my Morgana to become what she is now.
I find all of this mess… very sad.
However, know, that I will NOT change my designs, as my designs, are MY designs.
I refuse to let ppl bully me around, and push me out of sl.
Grow up ppl. Get a life.. maybe a 3rd life, is what you need.

as many of you know, three months ago, i was accused, of ripping a friends skin.
not the skin itself, but the back highlights.
this was a false accusation to which she chose not to file a dcma (to which i was more then ready for) but, as many of you know, once you have been accused you are pretty much screwed.
it has been, as i said, about three months, i have not heard anything from her other then a threatening message on my blog, in which i chose not to post.
i am sorry but ignorance is not the way to handle things.
the threat of the dcma, came after i refused to send her my work in progress.. aka my PSD files.. this is after advice from my sl family as well as friends, other designers, and the mentors group.
i decided to be ready for this, and copied all my older files and some newer to a flash drive to send to the linden labs had the dcma become effective.
it has not.
now i do not know why this has happen, or rather has not.
i did not miss treat this woman in anyway.
i did not leave hate messages on her blog, i told my friends NOT to harass her.


thief, my skin, you frankensteining hacker. You will get yours. It’s called karma, steal from others and reap the consequences. Ever wondered why your bullshit life attracts so much drama? This is why you thieving, lying, sack of shit. People that take others hard work and claim it as their own will soon get theirs. You have lied so many times about this skin you cant even keep up. Is it based on Rach? Or the myriad of other skins you have stolen. How you’ve flown under the radar for so long is beyond me. But you will soon see, liars and thieves never ever prosper. And stop sending cards to my friends, that’s an AR right there. You may log in to find your account banned if you continue to harass the people that care about me. fact is, you’re busted, and you fucking know it. Best to pack up your little hack shop now, before the big names start investigating you.

i said she was mistaken.
yes, i was very upset, especially after her horrid comment on my blog, which btw, is still in the “que” area.
i did not retaliate other then to speak to my close friends, and family in sl.
and my rl lawyer.
i find NOW..
i have been banned from the popfuzz region, based on hear say, and not on facts.
i have also been banned from two other regions based SOLELY on an accusation not on facts.
the fact remains.
i have been a upstanding sl citizen, for coming on three years, as morgana hilra.
i have been creating skins, since i joined (almost) in 2006.
i have been a mentor since, approx 2007.
i have been as helpful as i can.
i am NOT perfect.
i am only me.
i have never stolen anything.
i have always supported my fellow skin makers, and all designers.
ashia and i once upon a time were friends, and i would ask her for advice from time to time when i had a seam issue.. that was all.. i also asked my sl sister, dbs.
i have no doubt that when this started, i may have called her a bitch… but, lets face it.
put yourselves in my shoes, and tell me what you would think?
i MADE myself carry on and continue making skins.
i wanted to quit many times.
i forced myself to stay..
even knowing what she has done.
i want her to show me physical evidence of this theft.
and i want these ppl that banned me based on her lies, and false accusation, to rethink what they have done.
i have support each one of them when they have been accused, or ripped.
where is the support now that its ME and not THEM?
soft touch skins, will be here til the end.
i just may take a bit of a break because, this has all gotten the better of me.
this woman, ashia tomsen…
was a friend i looked up to.
i didn’t much like her skins but, her seams were nicely done, and i admired that because, its very stressful trying to set the seams up correctly..
and for all that she DID advise me on.. i am truly thankful..
i just refuse to allow her to drag my name thru the dirt.
dramtic, i maybe.. but, a thief?

thank you to all that have stood by me..
friends, family, customers.

~Morgana Hilra
Soft Touch Skins

Well.. first off, I hope everyone is having a great summer so far this year. Not to hot, etc lol.

So, first things… bad news..

My hard drive this week decided to go kerplunk after I attempted to help my niece with her pc. NEVER CONNECT YOUR PC TO SOMEONE THAT IS HAVING ISSUES.
So all the really cool updates and what not that i was working on, are gone.
There was alot of really hard work, and I am not happy about it.
Everything, not only my psd files were lost.. baby pics, family stuff.. just.. things that I didn’t think to back up.. my fault..

I did manage to save 4gs of files on my hard drive…
So it’s not the END of soft touch skins.. just maybe a break while I recover from this recent let down.

Soft touch will be in a fashion show this weekend, Saturday Aug, 15, 2009 at 1pm.
Along with about 4 other skin designers, and so far I know of a few clothing designers, such as Badkats, and IChic..
I will also be modeling in this show.

Please come if your avail.

As for the skins..

Lvs, is having a cosmetic make over, so, will be unavailable til the end of August, however, I moved my inventory over to Norcott.

Sonia, one of my very fav skins, is on sale at a great price atm.

Also there are a few other surprises at Norcott, including my poses on the second floor.. single poses only for now.

I really hope to get all of my software back so that I will be able to provide you with some new and interesting skins soon.

Thank you all for being there for me over the last, wow… almost four years.

You are all amazing, and i could not have struggled thru all the hell, and pleasure and pain that these years have brought me.

I hope that you continue to watch for new releases, also, I will send out gifts from time to time to my loving VIPS.

Thanks again.. sorry if this seems alittle defeated.. lol.. I am trying hard not to be emo over all this but, lets face it.. I really enjoyed this sort of work..

Well I guess we shall see how things go..


Morgana Hilra..
Soft Touch Skins, Owner.

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